10 February 2008

God Bless America

A Soldier

Fighting to protect his homeland and self

Materializes before my eyes

A red heart, a white birth, and a blue sky

Forms his existence

As he would continue to serve the elders

The ones who dictate the good and dictate the bad

Fighting in Iraq and coming back home alive

Opening the door to my life,

Literally, as I either entered or left a room,

A total stranger happened per chance to be at my service!

Traveling to Europe and Asia,

This international soldier of mine,

He has persevered among his peers

Acknowledging the many ideas that people across continents share and value

Like the military, teamwork is his foundation as an individual

With the will to change, he has the true spirit of an eagle.

He doesn’t stray from those that may be in harm’s way.

Treating everyone as they were all the same.

With a future that is as bright as it is promising, I would want peace and happiness to shine for him

From the four corners of the earth, I would want belonging and unity to always serve him

And to emphasize

We all

Are equal under the sky