05 December 2016

Escaping Into Winter

Trees Standing Erect
Amidst the backdrop of blue and white
Snow Falls

Lining the streets in white
Ice glistens
Cracking with every footstep made

Icicles hang
From the edges of roofs
Its pointy edges intimidating its residents

I run into the snow
Reveling from years ago
The Snow
Falling On My Head

07 November 2016

Autumn Trees

Under a glimmering blue sky, the Autumn Leaves Paint the Landscape
The wind blows and sways the leaves
Of Red, Yellow, and Green
The cold doesn't bother me as I walk
In Beauty, Marveling at the Wonders of Nature!

31 October 2016

The Mockingbird Lives Within All of Us

Where is it
In an ever changing world,
Tom Robinson is accused

Childhood innocence,
Running along streets
Finding treasure
Is the world that Jem and Scout knows

They have seen “The Boogeyman”
Lurking around Maycomb, they are curious in seeing him-or them
With built up fantasies and preconceived notions
They go on their way

In making sense of it all
In making sense of injustice

Tom Robinson’s court date is near
As a white man defending a black man
Atticus Finch ought not to be involved
In a case where a black man touched a white woman

What had Atticus done wrong in being a public embarrassment to Maycomb?
Would he teach his children well as a father, and as a lawyer in town?

21 October 2016

An Astonishing Autumn Appreciation

The sky is overcast, and the fog clears
As I’m sitting by the window on a dreary Autumn day,
Leaves-still vibrant with red, yellow, and green—are off in the distance
Not even the thick sheet of rain can block its opulence
I ponder
At achievements and failures that line my existence
I wonder
What life has for me, and I have for it

I know I can't be moody now, for a streak of sunshine has just appeared!

16 July 2016

Airplane Antics

Responding to a writing prompt by Brian A. Klems that's found on: http://www.writersdigest.com/prompts

On the long flight to a foreign country, you wind up telling your seatmate much of your life story. Only it isn’t yours. You’ve always wanted to pretend to be somebody else, just for an hour or two, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. Only now you find yourself falling for your seatmate,...

Oh what a farce
In living a life that isn't mine
Only in getting your attention
To the life of a record selling musician, I tell my story
Of getting fame, I play and I perform
Eccentric rock to crooning ballads
Or was it a one hit wonder?
I perform for my fans
Forgetting about everything and everyone for the moment
As I take in the excitement!

Before, I had a sad existence
Of not being recognized, of not getting an applause
From anyone, I wandered through the streets
Looking for someone who could endorse me
Looking for someone who could believe in me

Until finally someone from Machinely Machined Records found me
Singing contently in the park
They told me to come in for a rehearsal, and came in I did
Before long, synthesizers and technology worked in my favor
Getting the applause and cheer that I so longed for,
Taking me all over the world, and now next to you!
A plane ride can be a long time
To tell anything to anyone,
As someone in business, I go wherever life takes me!

10 October 2013


These thoughts, so many and so scattered
Are encircling my mind, suffocating me
From living my potential!

What do I want to be? Where do I want to go? Who am I?
Constantly pervade me, blocking me from moving on.

The more I think, the more I go crazy,
Oh, these thoughts will surely be my end!

12 September 2013

All That Jazz!

I have been brought alive,
From this sweet Jazz
That blares with its trumpets and soothes with its saxophones,
Grabbing the attention of my feet
In tapping along to its rhythm.
From this heart and soul of Dixieland to the Midwest,
I am once again summoned to liveliness, from being tucked away in the Berkshires!

06 August 2013

The Doors

What was that promise that you made
Is what I'm hearing
As I'm rewinding to the past
To its music, its times

Its sentiments

As I live in the present
Stuck in its rhythm
That gets made with each day, each moment
I wonder of the promises that we made

Are they real?

04 August 2013


Shadows everywhere
Follow me 
As I turn the street corner
A dead man is being shown his end
With others watching, as it haunts my imagination.

I await The Guardian of Lost Souls.

"another head hangs lowly"

Thank You Changó on Foter for this image!

For the Trifextra Weekend Challenge this image was our fuel to a 33 word response!

28 July 2013


Dawn approaches with its colors of Red, Yellow, and Pink,
On a spectacular evening, as I sit back and marvel at this beauty
Of the crisp blue waves, as they either come back to its familiarity of the land,
Or instead they carry these forgotten sentiments of land with them,
As they travel farther away, and into this beautiful sunset.

~Inspired by Trifecta~

22 June 2013

Rhyming Made Charming

Once upon a time
There was rhyme
Along with meter, rhythm, and description
Without a prescription

Now a bang, an alarm,
The third time's the charm
As I do no harm,
In writing.

For the Trifextra Writing Challenge this weekend, the idiom "Three time's a charm" was used in 33 words.

04 June 2013


A seed
That when falling into the soil,
Grows and matures.

Like the rhythm of my heart
The essence of my core
Come into fruition
I look in your eyes, and feel your presence
Move ever so distant now

Getting trapped inside my own emotions
I now see a change
That begs me to pull away from you
As my desire for you fades away.

For the Scriptic  prompt exchange this week, Bewildered Bug gave me this prompt: Come to fruition..  

I gave Grace O'Malley this prompt: When I grew up

30 May 2013

The Reality of an Appearance

You appear true
What would I know though,
In having such feelings,
Such overwhelming passion over you
I would then, naturally assume the best in you
Disregarding that you could be dark and a menace to society
A writhing wretch of destruction,
I would not think twice to be with you
To have a future with you
Yet though, there’s something else I see
Something else that I feel that beckons me to you
A sensation telling me that you are not dark and a menace
Or am I being tricked?

For the Trifecta Weekly Challenge http://www.trifectawritingchallenge.com/
this week, "appear" as having an outwardly aspect or seeming to be was used.

24 May 2013


Aye my life,
In a world wrought with strife
How do I begin to confess
Of my great distress,
Over Coca Cola versus Pepsi, in a world full of carbon
Which fizzes more?

For the Trifextra Writing Challenge this weekend, a 33 word confession had to be composed!

19 May 2013

On Graduating

Underneath this winding loop of life is a new paradigm of hope
That after a long battle with gaining knowledge,
I have finally reached its infinite end,
As I taste its sweet honey!

30 August 2012

Old or New is the question for you!

New or Old, what is that key
To Becoming me?

A dinosaur in the rough
Me living fashionably can be tough

Black is slimming, and with its trimming
I could be winning this inning for the night

What about for tomorrow night though?

--Inspired by Trifecta's writing challenge, the definition of "dinosaur" we had to use was one that is impractically large, out of date, or obsolete. 

29 July 2012


With her license
She is off!

Exploring sights,
Soaring to new heights
Never tired from this newfound freedom
She rides like the wind!

Until one day when she rides no more
An accident almost claiming her life
Unfolds before her in a hospital bed
Where she is motionless.

"What are you going to tell your Mom" asks the nurse
"I'm not"
With her quick response to this ever fast event, she waits
Until the Day of Judgement

For the Scriptic  prompt exchange this week, Jester Queen at http://jesterqueen.com gave me: "What are you going to tell your Mom?"/ "I'm not." 

I had given kgwaite at http://writinginthemarginsburstingattheseams.blogspot.com/ this prompt: Cradle of Civilization

14 June 2012


A man,
Young as he is talented
Curls up on his leather couch, waiting
Impatient for the phone to ring, he sits

What has his life come to,
A life of talent and creativity
His fears and his hopes
Here, in his living room?

He is still waiting for his casting call moments later
Did they like him, was he to their standards?
Will he get the job?

Questions, Questions!

For the Scriptic.org prompt exchange this week, FKC at http://originallyyou.blogspot.com gave me this prompt: He curled up on his new leather couch and waited impatiently for the phone to ring.
I gave Wendryn at http://www.wendryn.com this prompt: Out of the ground, a flower emerges!

04 June 2012

Good Weather

A sunny day
Has come today
Out with the old and in with the new
Is nature's everlasting cue
For a short time such as this
Who would want to miss
The bird songs with the raindrops?
Good weather is a time for rejuvenation and for laughter
With tears only after,
For when the joy, flowers, and green are gone
Deserted is one's lawn
For a blanket of white cannot hide
The green that has died.

For the Trifecta Writing Challenge this week, the definition of "New" as "Having been in a relationship or condition but a short time" was used.

03 June 2012


It wasn't the first time
I felt alone.

Months, even years went by
With only thoughts of you
You were more than a dream come true,
I will love you forever!

For the Trifextra Writing Challenge this weekend, we had to respond with 33 words to anything beginning with "It wasn't the first time".

31 May 2012


I am the One Spirit
That Stands,
Among this decay
Of our civilization,
Once so bright,
Once so promising.

Laden with gold,
Fresh meat
Bursting with trade
With our neighbors to the North and South
We, who were gifted with astronomy
Too being the keepers of time,
Had not foreseen our own time
Slipping away as we lived our days, and worked our lands.

We had not seen that our own beliefs could destroy us,
With the amount of sacrifice done at the Great Temple
Being so mighty, we had to engage in conflict with everyone
That also led to being wiped from existence.

Except, that our ways and language survived
To fall under recent academic investigation,
Our legacy lives on,
With the good and bad of our culture
We have carried on to the present day!

For the Trifecta Writing Challenge this week, the definition of "Decay" as "falling into ruin" was used.

26 May 2012


With the warm sunshine
I am among green
What made winter go?

For this Trifextra Writing Challenge, we were assigned to write a poem in three lines, three stanzas, or a poem of 33 words.

19 May 2012

Airport Bliss

For the Trifecta Writing Challenge this week, we had to respond with a 33-333 word prompt to the following image.
I go and land
Upon another's sand
I begin to moan
Wow, the Airport Security has grown!

Where are my suitcases and where's my visa?
To see the Leaning Tower of Pisa?
Ay, the suitcases are here,
My passport though seems not to appear!

Without digging my own pit,
I can find it,
To find my passport, I must need my mind,
Oh, this will surely be the find!

It is nowhere to be found, and I now got pulled over
For something too good to not be true
What will I do?
For something so small
Who do I call?
Has it only been me, or the person behind me too?

A ha, the visa has been found!
No worries, nothing to see here
With the security near
My clothes, suitcases, and bags a mess
With me being in a great state of distress!

With all the clothes and the gifts
Who did I miss?
Of the many family members to see,
Was I a good busy bee?

Addio, I am finally off
To not see the Leaning Tower of Pisa
Of which I needed my visa
To somewhere better I will travel
Walking along the gravel
Of the park near the sea
Will be the place where I will be happy as can be!

12 January 2012


From the heavens
Raindrops fall to the earth
As it weeps water into the ground
Awakening the soil, shaking the nutrients anew
So that life blossoms
Within the earth, and on land.

A lone flower has risen,
From one of the raindrops, it is seen across fields
Of endless flowers.
Yet, somehow
This flower weeps purity and perfection
Attracting distant bees as they come.
Pollinating other flowers,
These bees first come to the source
Of this weeping raindrop!
For week nine Trifecta Writing Challenge used the third definition of the word "Weep" which is to exude a fluid slowly

05 December 2011


In the sky
A star sparkles
Forcing a bird to fly
Seen amidst the heavy clouds
Shining like a diamond, the bird glitters with the light
Of the star
Across the horizon, across the vast sky
Of dreams, of hope
Landing where no one will land
One day

04 November 2011


I am power
Coming from the unknown
I shone
Through hardship and grief
Not knowing who or what I was
I dug out of that grave with my name
Engraved on the headstone
Of bitter fruit

You can’t break nor shake me
Not me or that power surge I was made out to be
Like lightning like fire
Life is all that I desire
To shine to radiate
To not be a minute late
In sending out energy
In sending out vibes
To even make people get inflicted with hives

I am power
Bursting through the seams
Of that cloth bound by the thread
Of time,
With rhythm and rhyme

11 July 2011


Hope is man’s greatest resource, and without it we are lost. To hope is to have faith and belonging in a cause. 

In my life, time and again, I have hoped and have dreamed.  I know that God in one or many forms is great and is able to hear us from below.  It is just the time that makes us question God’s benevolence while hoping.  To wait is nerve wracking, with our faith then becoming less and less, and then us eventually losing our hopes.

God’s ultimate plan for us humans is to have hope though, and the biggest way God has showed hope is through time.  With each passing of the minute hand, a surprise is waiting for us, and through time, we are led to many surprises.  Time in the end is our biggest surprise!

06 July 2011


From a single flame
Red rises
Until it reaches its maximum height
It forms, it contours
A shape

Engulfed by heat, it rises
A burning passion
A sensation
Grips the earth
Forces from above
Drawn by the heat
Shapes this creation
That from which has no explanation
It penetrates
Two individuals, One like the sun and one the moon,
This mystique, this charm

05 July 2011


Seeing fellow peers
Catching up on big and small news
Hovering near a classroom
Organizing my notes for an upcoming class
Orchestrating people towards the right direction for a walking tour
Lulls me into the swing of life!


It was true, I hadn’t known you
Nor wanted to be
A person carrying a heavy fee
On my countenance, on myself

You came out of the blue though
Erasing all lost hope,
I became strong
I became confident
Knowing that you were right there with me,
I started to fly

Sure, there were times that my wings were stoned
So that I was knocked out of the sky
Crashing and bumping against the trees to the ground
Wings outstretched, face to the ground
You were there for those times though
Lifting me with your positive energy
I regained the strength to fly again
Having you by my side
We both were lifted into the air
Circling and hovering over hills,
Scraping the surfaces of the glassy blue waters
We flew to new heights

Never looking back on our sadness and miseries.

Three Seasons

Winter is…

I am,

With these two emotions, the autumn leaves fall off the tree.

03 July 2011

Lonely Rose

A lonely rose waits at the edge of the water
Its stem to the vast blue, it waits to take root beneath the surface
Or to Float away
To some other land of hope.

07 June 2011

Gloria Maxima

Silence is the loudness
The raging beat that amplifies my soul
Bringing me to my knees
In prayer
In solitude

The bells ring
In the nearby chapels
As angels raise me to my feet
Leading me indoors,

I am

Suddenly loud

Looking Glass

Rain falls as I sit near my window
With a looming cloudy day, I see no beginning
To this tainted state I am in
Just fear and loneliness

In the distance, I am watched
By a thousand eyes
I am lost
In a world of no meaning
No joy
No hope
I struggle to find solace

Here, within these barren walls


With a quiver amongst the leaves
A baby bird prepares for flight
Not knowing where it will end up
He starts to fly

Over mountains and among oceans
This baby bird finds its wings
Playfully circling around the clouds, it doesn’t meddle with the sun
Like wax, the bird’s wings are delicate
Not wanting its life to end early, the bird flies

With one fell swoop, the bird lands
Across the glossy silvery surface of water, it catches fish
Its feet latched firmly onto the fish,
It flies to a nearby branch to feast.

With this routine of food and rest set, the bird journeys far
Until it lands on top of a lighthouse,
A beacon for wanderers and travelers alike,
As it rests and waits.

Berkshire Hills

The Rolling Hills
Of paradise
Is where I live

The sounds of birds,
That could be black, red, orange, yellow, and blue
Warms my spirit as they feed on our bird feeder

Trees that now have green leaves in the summer
Have orange, yellow, and green leaves in the fall
Having no leaves in winter,
The burst of green leaves again rejuvenates our souls in the spring

The air,
Vast and always smelling fresh
Hydrates this green land,
The birds, the grass, and the trees
Shaping the place I call home


I journey
To the Center of the Earth,

I find the crystal blue waters
Of Man…
Brushing against the emerald green shore
The sensuous feeling
Captures my soul as
Above, the seagulls call
My Name, my existence

I Journey
To the Center of the Earth

06 June 2011

Strength from Hope


Dedicated to those we know with cancer, may all of our loved ones find peace.

Once filled
With hope
With dreams.

Memories once at a door,
Now in the wind
Traveling among
Hills, over mountains.

Outside of hospital doors
Outside of laboratories
Waiting to hear of that illness
That takes millions, waiting
Whether to smile or frown
Waiting to celebrate another birthday
That we are invited to

Strength sees to it
That no one loses
That there’s a purpose
To everything, no one is left out
Without a chance, without a battle