I Bow to You!!

Times of Maya is a continued project that started in 2008 as a way to display my creative edge to the world!  

My poems are symbolic to me and my life, and my hope is that readers will also gain insight into their own lives since all of our lives are already so intertwined!

This blog is set up on the European system of time and date, since my origins are of a European colony, so some tips on this 24 hour time (With date, it is only the order which is different) :

2 PM--14.00--> 2*7= 14
3 PM--15.00--> 3*5= 15
4 PM-- 16.00--> 4*4=16
6PM-- 18.00--> 6*3=18
12 AM-- Begins the cycle again, so 00.23 means that it's 12.23 AM 


From the vault, a 2008 Times of Maya post says it best:  

Salutations to you upon entering!

Your host is none other but Maya, a young college student, that resides in the glorious state of Massachusetts in the United States.

Here I will post my poetic works I have done and have appeared in local publications. Also, I will post pictures of me and of the environment in which I associate in.



To this day, Times of Maya is still serving this tradition of original poetry and even short stories, since 20.25 on 3 February 2008! 

Do feel free to comment, and even be one of my followers!