08 January 2009

Faerie Dust

A finger is over my mouth,
Two palms are over my eyes!

I skip on over to the happy forest
Babbling with green, the sunlight plays upon the glossy green of a leaf
The colors of the earth alive,
I am suddenly caught in the arms of my playmate
Picking me up and twirling me around
I am enveloped into this moment
A jovial bliss, I am finally on the ground
And suddenly, I cannot talk
I cannot see
I ask what is going on.

The queen approaches, her light footsteps felt by all
A shimmer of light transcends these palms over my eyes
Of gold, of silver, I am suddenly surrounded
Not by one, but by many
Finally able to open my eyes, I find the forest transformed
Into light, into happiness
Flowers spring up, birds sing, trees dance
As my playmate is a faerie
As his mother, the queen of all faeries embraces me
Making me a faerie princess,

I find that dreams
Do come true!