05 July 2011


It was true, I hadn’t known you
Nor wanted to be
A person carrying a heavy fee
On my countenance, on myself

You came out of the blue though
Erasing all lost hope,
I became strong
I became confident
Knowing that you were right there with me,
I started to fly

Sure, there were times that my wings were stoned
So that I was knocked out of the sky
Crashing and bumping against the trees to the ground
Wings outstretched, face to the ground
You were there for those times though
Lifting me with your positive energy
I regained the strength to fly again
Having you by my side
We both were lifted into the air
Circling and hovering over hills,
Scraping the surfaces of the glassy blue waters
We flew to new heights

Never looking back on our sadness and miseries.