16 July 2016

Airplane Antics

Responding to a writing prompt by Brian A. Klems that's found on: http://www.writersdigest.com/prompts

On the long flight to a foreign country, you wind up telling your seatmate much of your life story. Only it isn’t yours. You’ve always wanted to pretend to be somebody else, just for an hour or two, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. Only now you find yourself falling for your seatmate,...

Oh what a farce
In living a life that isn't mine
Only in getting your attention
To the life of a record selling musician, I tell my story
Of getting fame, I play and I perform
Eccentric rock to crooning ballads
Or was it a one hit wonder?
I perform for my fans
Forgetting about everything and everyone for the moment
As I take in the excitement!

Before, I had a sad existence
Of not being recognized, of not getting an applause
From anyone, I wandered through the streets
Looking for someone who could endorse me
Looking for someone who could believe in me

Until finally someone from Machinely Machined Records found me
Singing contently in the park
They told me to come in for a rehearsal, and came in I did
Before long, synthesizers and technology worked in my favor
Getting the applause and cheer that I so longed for,
Taking me all over the world, and now next to you!
A plane ride can be a long time
To tell anything to anyone,
As someone in business, I go wherever life takes me!