31 October 2016

The Mockingbird Lives Within All of Us

Where is it
In an ever changing world,
Tom Robinson is accused

Childhood innocence,
Running along streets
Finding treasure
Is the world that Jem and Scout knows

They have seen “The Boogeyman”
Lurking around Maycomb, they are curious in seeing him-or them
With built up fantasies and preconceived notions
They go on their way

In making sense of it all
In making sense of injustice

Tom Robinson’s court date is near
As a white man defending a black man
Atticus Finch ought not to be involved
In a case where a black man touched a white woman

What had Atticus done wrong in being a public embarrassment to Maycomb?
Would he teach his children well as a father, and as a lawyer in town?