19 August 2008

Back to School

I go back to school today

Textbooks, papers, and pens are packed

In that big thing we call a backpack,

As it anxiously waits to break our backs

Or to go on a piggy back ride.

The hill is steep,

The bus rolls down,

We go to school

Bullies wait,

The health office opens

Jack sees Jill

Jill breaks up with Jack

The soap opera of life bangs its fist from inside a locker

Hopes set

The heart pounding

As Tommy becomes the class president

A mixture has exploded within the lab in chemistry class.

The principal makes his announcement on the intercom

Jill is pregnant

With Jack's baby, they end their relationship

As Jack then comes out of the closet, broadcasting that he is gay

The bus, dependant on gasoline, has stopped moving

For it has run out, the bus driver's pockets having been empty from the night before

As he spent that money on lottery tickets

The chemistry experiment,

As it was laid out in steps on the internet,

Was to build an atomic bomb—

By those same bullies, for their senior prank

The bomb squad comes

The light is at the end of the tunnel