25 August 2008

The Smiling Box

She touched the small box in her pocket and smiled. It was what she wanted for a long time, as she always made a point of passing the "Nature and Outdoor recreation" store, thoughts of this fluttering in her playroom always consumed her mind. Spring time, a time for remembering one's own longing and a loved one's sacrifice, was the holiday in which she finally received the Box of Wonder. She untied the pastoral green and pink ribbon box, and seeing this Gift of God inside this square wooden box filled her with delight!

She, a young girl of ten, had to live life to the fullest. Her playroom at home was a small container that had stuffed animals, Barbie Dolls, and counting blocks from her past childhood years. She had a wide range of Barbie Dolls, from a doll who was a lifeguard to a Barbie who was a dentist. Dogs and cats were her favorite animals, so she had a wide array of tigers to beagles in her storage bin. Besides her playroom which didn't have a window to let in light, her whole house was dark, for they lived in a metropolis. Each day she was found to be indoors, for she had no other desire to explore the vast city she lived in. The neighboring kids were impossible to befriend, as they threw numerous amounts of eggs at her as she was walking on the sidewalk and even at her window when she was in the car with her parents. She therefore stayed inside all day and either studied her school materials, read for pleasure, or played with her toys. She was at least advanced for her age academically, even reading a novel on her own—an ability that no other child her age could do. The counting blocks, once used to aid her in everyday counting, was now hindering her ability to remain young forever.

Like the beautiful sight of a rainbow that comes after a rainfall, so to did a Ulysses Butterfly fly out from the wooden box and fly into the blue sky one spring morning. Morning was approaching quickly, and somehow this morning was different from other mornings. Light was permeating itself through every crack of the house, shining on the stuffed cats and dogs. It was light that suddenly made her little boxed playroom into a jungle, and everything in it so alive and exotic. As soon as the light filtered in, a Barbie well equipped to go exploring was found springing out from beneath the play bin, anxiously awaiting this budding adventure!

Joy, or the little girl who was sad, ran from surveying her room after breakfast, and into the day. She was, after all, chasing after her runaway gift!