19 May 2012

Airport Bliss

For the Trifecta Writing Challenge this week, we had to respond with a 33-333 word prompt to the following image.
I go and land
Upon another's sand
I begin to moan
Wow, the Airport Security has grown!

Where are my suitcases and where's my visa?
To see the Leaning Tower of Pisa?
Ay, the suitcases are here,
My passport though seems not to appear!

Without digging my own pit,
I can find it,
To find my passport, I must need my mind,
Oh, this will surely be the find!

It is nowhere to be found, and I now got pulled over
For something too good to not be true
What will I do?
For something so small
Who do I call?
Has it only been me, or the person behind me too?

A ha, the visa has been found!
No worries, nothing to see here
With the security near
My clothes, suitcases, and bags a mess
With me being in a great state of distress!

With all the clothes and the gifts
Who did I miss?
Of the many family members to see,
Was I a good busy bee?

Addio, I am finally off
To not see the Leaning Tower of Pisa
Of which I needed my visa
To somewhere better I will travel
Walking along the gravel
Of the park near the sea
Will be the place where I will be happy as can be!