31 May 2012


I am the One Spirit
That Stands,
Among this decay
Of our civilization,
Once so bright,
Once so promising.

Laden with gold,
Fresh meat
Bursting with trade
With our neighbors to the North and South
We, who were gifted with astronomy
Too being the keepers of time,
Had not foreseen our own time
Slipping away as we lived our days, and worked our lands.

We had not seen that our own beliefs could destroy us,
With the amount of sacrifice done at the Great Temple
Being so mighty, we had to engage in conflict with everyone
That also led to being wiped from existence.

Except, that our ways and language survived
To fall under recent academic investigation,
Our legacy lives on,
With the good and bad of our culture
We have carried on to the present day!

For the Trifecta Writing Challenge this week, the definition of "Decay" as "falling into ruin" was used.